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Hamilton’s Ultra-Fast Future

Hamilton is one of the first cities to benefit from the National Government’s new $1.5 billion Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) initiative, creating a range of new economic opportunities for the city.

“Being included in the initial UFB rollout is a major win for Hamilton”, says Hamilton East MP David Bennett”. “This is a significant government investment in our future  economic growth.”


Hamilton will become a broadband hub, responsible for connecting much of the central North Island to the fibre network.

“The consortium led by Hamilton-based WEL Networks was successful in their bid for the rollout contract and will be responsible for the delivery of the service to surrounding regions.”

This is great news for Hamilton and creates an entirely new industry for us as a leading provider of UFB services”, says David. “Not only will Hamilton be one of the first to benefit from the UFB rollout, but it will allow both Hamilton and WEL Networks to position themselves as leaders in the provision of such a service across the central North Island.”

“The new high-speed fibre network will provide huge benefits in education and medicine and will open up a vast range of new business opportunities for both existing and startup organisations,” Mr Bennett said.

“Ultra-Fast broadband is a significant government investment in our future economic growth.”