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With strong community support and the hard work of Hamilton East MP David Bennett, it’s great news that four new schools have been announced for the north-eastern suburbs of Hamilton.

The new schools are:

Endeavour Avenue Primary School: In February 2015 the Endeavour Avenue Primary School opened for the community and we had the official opening on the ninth of June. We welcome the arrival of this school as it will be a place for our young people to grow and learn. The projected cost for stages 1 and 2 of the build is approximately $18 million.

Rototuna Junior High School: A new Junior High School catering for approximately 600 students, years 7-10, was officially opened and welcomed its foundation pupils in April 2016. It was built at a cost of $60 million.

Rototuna Senior High School: A new Rototuna Senior High School catering for students years 11-13 with an opening date of 2017 will be built at a projected cost of $40.2 million

Sylvester Primary School: A new primary school located in north-east Hamilton, catering for students years 1-6 with an opening date of 2019 will be built at a projected cost of $25.0 million


This is the most comprehensive and defining announcement of Years 7-13 education in Hamilton since the creation of Hillcrest High School in the 1970s.

It will provide for a focal point for the Rototuna and Flagstaff suburbs. The zone includes all properties north of Wairere Drive.

Mr Bennett worked hard to secure funding for these new schools and is delighted that, after many years of talk, we finally have a Government that has approved funding for these important facilities.

Advances in Tertiary Education

At a tertiary education level there have been substantial government investments in Hamilton’s two main tertiary institutions which will build Hamilton’s reputation as a  centre for educational excellence and research.

In April, the University of Waikato’s new Law and Management building held its official opening followed by a walkthrough of the building by the community and staff members. This is a $20 million-plus building project and it serves as the Faculty of Law and Waikato Management School’s Centre for Corporate and Executive Education and student services. We also welcomed the opening of WINTEC’s $25 million Engineering and Trade Faculty at the Rotokauri campus in 2014. The School of Trades facility will play a particularly important role in addressing the national need for engineers and tradespeople.


Artist impression of the new law and management building - which was completed  in 2016. Source: University of Waikato website.

We have also been promoting the University of Waikato to gain a strategic position in Tauranga. We are pleased to report that by 2020 the Bay of Plenty will have a new University-led campus in Tauranga city. This new development is all a part of the inter-regional connectivity we have been seeking.


The proposed Tauranga city tertiary education campus. Source: NZ Herald

“By providing today’s young people with the resources they need to learn and grow we are investing in the future of our country,” says Mr Bennett.

“Education is also an important economic driver for the city as a significant employer and service provider,” he says. “That’s why the National government has approved more than $160 million in funding for educational projects in Hamilton.”

Mr Bennett says that “with this investment by government Hamilton’s educational facilities will continue to attract and produce talented New Zealanders who will then contribute to the growth of our economy”.